As Autumn approaches, Beauty is still all around

As we head towards winter its all change in the gardens.

As the Earth tilts away from the sun, we notice so many changes in the gardens that accompany the shortening of days. There are the obvious ones, as the colours of the leaves melt from summer greens into the yellows, bronzes and reds of autumn.

The smell of the garden changes too...

Autumnal conditions coax fungi from their subterranean homes, and fruiting bodies - the mushrooms and toadstools we are so familiar with,  erupt from the ground and from logs deadwood in the gardens.

We encourage the whole life cycle of plants in the garden; by leaving 'standing deadwood' and creating habitat piles. Leaves, collected from the paths, are piled up, and left to break down for a year, creating wonderful leaf mold, perfect for mulching the borders.