The completion of the visitors hub

Facilities for the 21st Century

Our visitors hub was built in 2020. We can't believe it now, but we started work on it just a few months after the fire that devastated the main house. It replaced our previous 'facility' - a single downstairs toilet in the main house known by the family as 'Murphy Loo'.

Built with Nature in Mind

Our visitors hub is built on an innovative foundation. Massive screws were drilled into the ground in a grid, and laser-levelled. Then the wooden sub-framed was constructed onsite.

The whole building arrived in kit form on pallets and took just two weeks to build. Using the screw system meant we didn't have to create a traditional concrete pad foundation for it - much better for the environment. The screws were sited to avoid the roots of mature trees in the vicinity, helping us to preserve as much of the woodland as possible.

We've planted native woodland wildflower seeds around the hub, along with a special blend of grass seed that has been used at Highgrove House by Prince Charles. We think it is a lovely tranquil area to enjoy a cup of tea and biscuit.

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Thanks to our funders

The creation of the visitors hub would not have been possible without grants from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and a RDA's LEADERs grant